Tesla Officially Launches A Subscription Service For Advanced Driver Assistance Software

In recent news, Tesla has introduced a new option for users to subscribe to its advanced driver assistance software which will offer the full self-driving capability. The company stated that the software does not make the vehicle completely autonomous and highlighted that subscribers would need to ensure that there is a fully attentive driver in the vehicle who has their hands on the wheel.

Currently, the self-driving software is available for vehicles in the United States but may be subjected to move globally. the subscription charge for the software is $199 per month which is more feasible than paying $10,000 upfront. Moreover, this software would only work only vehicles that rock the Full Self-Driving computer version 3.0 or above. however, upgrading your vehicle to the latest hardware will cost around $1500.

As of now, Tesla has been testing the software for city streets which is currently in beta version and will be available to a limited number of customers.

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